How To Spot When You Need Chimney Repairs

Grey Chimney

Your chimney does the very important job of releasing smoke from your fireplace out of your home. It’s a large, solid structure that sits proudly on top of your roof. Therefore, you’ll want to address any deterioration or structural damage quickly when it arises. Here’s how to spot when you might need chimney repairs.

Chimney Repairs, Replacement Or Repointing?

There’s a few different services that you may need to choose from when you notice damage to your chimney. If the issue is that the mortar is crumbling, then you may only need a simple repointing service. When the damage is much more extensive, you might need to replace the entire chimney.

Damage does happen over time. Your chimney will be subjected to all sorts of weather conditions, which will wear away at the materials. Make sure you inspect your chimney from time to time for the following signs of damage.

Crumbling Mortar

A clear sign that you’ll need to schedule chimney maintenance is damaged mortar. You may spot just one or two small areas where the joints are wearing away. In this case, you may only need a repointing service. However, if the mortar is extensively damaged, it may be better to replace your chimney. If you’re unsure how bad the deterioration is, you should book an assessment. It’s much better to address this issue sooner rather than later.

Rusty Fireplace

If you notice that your fireplace is looking rusty, this is a sign that moisture is getting in to the chimney. This indicates that the moisture in your chimney is significant, so there could be cracks or more extensive damage to the stack. Even brick won’t withstand extensive exposure to moisture, so it’s important to get this fixed quickly. In this instance, you’ll need to get your chimney thoroughly inspected by a professional, so they can carry out the appropriate chimney repairs.

Crumbling Chimney Stack

White Bricks

Efflorescence is the name given to the reaction of excessive moisture on bricks. This is a white, chalky deposit that occurs when water saturates bricks and dissolves the salts inside. In this case, cleaning the residue off won’t solve the problem. Efflorescence is a sign that the bricks have a moisture problem, which will weaken the material and result in crumbling. The bricks will need replacing, so be sure to schedule chimney repairs as soon as you notice this.

For Chimney Repairs, Choose LMH Roofing

This guide has listed just a few reasons why you might need chimney repairs. However, if you spot any other suspicious changes or have reason to believe your chimney is damaged, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d be happy to inspect your chimney and arrange to carry out any repairs you may need.


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