Repointing Your Chimney: Your Complete Guide To Brickwork Maintenance

Broken Chimney

Your chimney is going to be subjected to lots of wear and tear over time. Extreme weather and extended exposure to the elements are going to take their toll eventually. This can result in damaged mortar, which can make the chimney look tired and let in draughts. Repointing is a simple service that can be done to fix these issues. Let’s discover more about what chimney repointing is.

When Do You Need Chimney Repointing?

You’ll be able to carry out a quick visual check to tell if your chimney is looking worse for wear. If you can see crumbling in the mortar, you would benefit from repointing. However, there are other more subtle signs you can watch for. If you have damp in any of your ceilings that are near the chimney stack, this may be a sign that water is penetrating the damaged mortar. This can indicate structural damage, so it’s important to get a professional roofer to assess your chimney straight away.

What Is Repointing?

You can repoint all of the brickwork on your home if you like, it’s not just for chimneys. The process is simple, but requires skilled hands. First, the decayed and damaged mortar is scooped out. Then, the gaps are filled in with fresh mortar. The bricks are then cleaned with an acidic solution to remove any excess mortar and grime. While in theory, you could do this to your entire chimney, it’s best when done on smaller sections. If your entire chimney stack is extensively damaged and crumbling, a chimney rebuild may be more suitable.

Maintaining Your Chimney

Chimneys are large, heavy structures that sit on top of your home. Therefore, you want to ensure it’s in the best possible condition. Structural damage could be catastrophic to your roof should your chimney fall. When the damage to the mortar is particularly bad, you may notice that your chimney starts to lean to one side. In this case, it’s in your best interest to get it repointed straight away.

Chimney Repointing

For Chimney Repointing, Choose LMH Roofing

If you’ve taken a look at your chimney and have discovered that it would benefit from repointing, give LMH Roofing a call today. It’s much better to address these issues sooner rather than later, to avoid more extensive damage developing. So, get in touch with us as soon as you spot an issue.


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